Striving to be a grateful parish following Christ by loving God, and loving our neighbors as ourselves through our words, deeds, and thoughts.

“Lent urgently calls us to conversion: we are asked to return to God with all our heart, to refuse to settle for mediocrity and to grow in friendship with the Lord.”

Pope Francis


Immigration Program On Sun., March 26th

With the recent ICE raids, The Immigration Program at Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Santa Rosa is providing free legal services to renew DACA and to apply for citizenship on -Saturday, March 25th at Sacred Heart Parish Center at 6 p.m.

On Sunday, March 26th  the Immigration Program at Catholic Charities will provide a workshop at 1:30 p.m. at Sacred Heart Parish Center on “Know About Your Rights” workshop. If you will like to know what the rights of the undocumented are and how your family can prepare.

Lenten Resources

Lenten Resources

We have gathered a range of useful resources from around the web to help you make this Lent a more meaningful experience. Click here to go to our Lent page.


Lenten Regulations

The current discipline is as follows: Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are days of fast and abstinence, that is, limited to a single, full meal and abstinence from meat. 

The other Fridays of Lent are days of abstinence from meat.

The law of fasting permits only one full meal a day, but it does allow the taking of some food in the morning and a second light meal at noon or in the evening, as you prefer.  Persons who are 18 years of age and older but not yet 59 are obligated to fast.

The law of abstinence from meat applies to all persons who are fourteen years old.However, it is highly recommended that children from ages seven to fourteen years also follow the law of abstinence.

All Catholics are encouraged to receive Holy Eucharist frequently during Lent and to receive the Sacrament of Penance so that all may be prepared to celebrate more fully the paschal mystery. Those who have received their first Holy Communion are to receive Holy Communion during the Easter season. 

Annual Easter Dinner-In-A-Bag

Once again, the St. Vincent de Paul Conference at Sacred Heart invites your participation in their Easter Dinner-in-a-Bag project.  Empty grocery bags and a list of needed items will be distributed at this weekend’s Masses.  You are encouraged to collect these items as a Lenten practice with your family, a friend or by yourself and bring the filled bag to Mass the weekend of April 9th. 

Needed items include a box of potatoes, a box of rice, cans of fruit, cans of yellow and green vegetables, boxes of jello and additional items of your choice. We are also requesting a bag of wrapped candy so we can provide an Easter Basket of “goodies” for each of our recipients.

With the addition of a ham, milk, bread, butter and a dessert, the bagged items will be distributed to needy families and individuals on Thursday, April 13th, at the Parish Hall.

Please call Georgeanne at 497-9929 with any questions.  Thank you.

St. Vincent de Paul’s Buckland Box

Items requested for the Buckland Box in the foyer of the church for March are the following:  plastic, zip-lock sandwich bags, plastic forks and spoons and napkins.  These items will support the daily mission of the St. Vincent de Paul Dining Room, including weekend outreach to those who need food right now.  Thank you for your continued generosity.

Pastor’s Corner

For Lenten giving we are giving people a chance to show their generosity by putting money into our containers next to the ambo/lecturn/pulpit.as we did last year during Lent.  One container is for helping needy parishioners in our parishes and the other is for the Betty Chinn Foundation. 

Friday’s Soup Supper at 6 pm. at St. Bernard is not soup but homemade Macaroni and Cheese, prepared by our youth under Chef, Analisa. 

I would like to thank the Knights of Columbus and their wives  for hosting the Fish Fry last week and the Squires for leading us in the stations after the dinner.

Looking ahead next week we have two Lenten activities happening: A Communal Reconciliation Service with individual confessions on Tuesday March 28th at 7 p.m. at. St. Bernard (as it has a better parking lot and lighting). And A Day of Lenten Reflection on Saturday April 1st from 9-3 at St. Bernard’s beginning with mass at 8:30 am. There will be no mass in the morning at Sacred Heart. You are asked to bring as bag lunch and drinks will be provided. The theme will be on the book given out as a Christmas present, “Resisting Happiness”. The Day of Reflection will be given by the Marian Sisters of the Diocese of Santa Rosa.

In looking at and listening to the people in the pews in the three churches in Eureka from the altar I see many people not responding.  This should not be. The celebration of the Mass or the Lord’s Supper is arranged in such a way that it leads to a conscious, active, and full participation of the faithful, namely in body and in mind, a participation fervent with faith, hope, and charity, of the sort which is desired by the Church and which is required by the very nature of the celebration.    

Also, the “Amen” said by the faithful when receiving Communion is an act of personal faith in the presence of Christ. After showing an act of reverence before receiving the Blessed Sacrament (that is bowing first) one should not mumble the Amen before receiving Him. In receiving Him in your hand do not take the host but receive it.  Please put one hand over the other in receiving him.     

Lectors and Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist. a new schedule will be out in two weeks. As those who were not at the gatherings are being contacted.

When people use the parish facilities they are asked to make sure things are cleaned-up within 24 hours 

Weekday masses: 

Mon., Wed., & Fri. at 12:15 pm. at St. Bernard

Tue. & Thu. at 7:30 am. at St Joseph

Tue. & Thu. at 11:30 am. at the hospital chapel

Wed 7 pm. in Spanish at Sacred Heart


Sat. from 3:15-3:45 pm. at St. Joseph

Wed. from 1-2 pm. at St. Bernard

Wed. from  6-6:45 pm. at Sacred Heart

-  Fr. Tom

news and events




Mass Times

Saturday Vigil

7:00 pm - Spanish


9:00 am - English
12:15 pm - Spanish

4:00 pm - English

First Saturdays: 8:30 am


Tuesday - 11:30 am @ St. Joseph Hospital

Wednesday - 7:00 pm, Spanish

Thursday - 11:30 am @ St. Joseph Hospital

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Wednesday: 6:00-6:50 pm - English/Spanish

First Saturdays: 9-10 am



Wed., 6:00-6:50 pm
First Saturday, 9-10 am
Also by appointment


We ask for a two month notice and baptismal classes are required. Baptismal classes in Spanish are on the last Friday of each month at 7:00 pm. at Sacred Heart 707-442-4540, and in English on the third Monday of every month at 7:00 pm at St. Bernard Parish for all Eureka churches 707-442-5615.


Couples intending to marry need to call the parish office at least six months prior to the marriage. Marriage preparation classes are required.

Ministry to the Sick

If you would like to receive the Anointing of the Sick please call the parish office at 707-443-8429 or come to a mass at St. Joseph Hospital on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11:30 am.

In Case of Emergency

If there is an emergency plese phone St. Bernards at 707-442-6466.

For non-emergencies after hours but you need to contact a priest phone Sacred Heart  (707) 443-8429 and listen to the automated message on the phone to leave a message in the priest’s mailbox. You may also FAX a message using (707) 443-8420.

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