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Striving to be a grateful parish following Christ by loving God, and loving our neighbors as ourselves through our words, deeds, and thoughts.

“Without the Spirit, our Christian life unravels, lacking the love that brings everything together. Without the Spirit, Jesus remains a personage from the past; with the Spirit, he is a person alive in our own time. Without the Spirit, Scripture is a dead letter; with the Spirit it is a word of life. A Christianity without the Spirit is joyless moralism; with the Spirit, it is life.”

― Pope Francis

Fr. D'Sa's Weekly Reflection

July 14, 2019 – Fifteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Last month, on one weekend, a homeless man was sleeping at the door of the church (Sacred Heart.) He had covered himself with a white sheet. One of the parishioners thought it was laundry. Later he was asked to move. But the man went and slept under the porch at the entrance to the school. After the 4:30 pm Mass another parishioner sat with him, spoke to him and gently told him that he couldn’t be there, as it’s a school. I eventually had to call in the services of 911 to make him leave. This incident left me with a haunting guilt feeling. I was debating the whole evening if I had acted right. Had I failed to be a good Samaritan (Today’s Gospel)?

I was flooded with so many thoughts and incidents… a priest who was accused of malicious advances to a homeless woman who was given a ride… I had delivered a lady’s purse to the office of a store, which it seemed she had forgotten in a shopping cart. The store manager interrogated me with overwhelming questions and demanded my address and phone number.

Thoughts and incidents of this nature, made my heart rest in the thought that I had acted prudently and not uncompassionately. Had this homeless man passed out in the night, it would have been another story. The stringent laws have good effects, as well as limitations.

We wrestle with the idea of being a good Samaritan. How far should we go? What is our scope of compassion? Should we hold on to the guilt of every incident we encounter? We can only do ‘so much.’ Maybe helping at a soup kitchen, or volunteering to make sandwiches for the homeless could be ways of being a Good Samaritan. We could reach out to the broken and abundant in our own little ways. A visit to the homebound and/or the lonely elderly can be a gesture of a good Samaritan. We can’t save the whole “hurting” world but a “little” kindness may mean a “lot” to someone. 

May we say Yes to an inconvenient mission, that we may not want to do, for the suffering Christ and discover His joy.

– Fr. Bernard

Fr. Christopher Onyenobi from the Ibadan Archdiocese of Nigeria To Visit

Fr.Onyenobi from the Ibadan Archdiocese of Nigeria will visit Saint Bernard, Saint Joseph and Sacred Heart Catholic Churches July 20th & 21st. The Ibadan Archdiocese is a poor Archdiocese surrounded by a Muslim majority. Recent persecution by Boko Haram – a sect more aggressive than ISIS – has left thousands homeless and overflowing into the refugee camps. This situation has compounded the struggle to make an impact on the population, which our Muslim counterparts are taking over, through the assistance of theArab/Muslim countries. We will have a second collection to support the work that Fr. Onyenobi is doing fror his people.


Fr. Bernard's Jubilee Celebration

Thanks to each and all of you who helped with and/or attended Fr. Bernard's Jubilee Celebration. The Holy Masses celebrated gave us a special opportunity to thank God for Fr. Bernard’s priestly vocation and for the priesthood itself as gift from God. Then after the masses we had the opportunity to come together again as a family for some good food, fun and entertainment. We won't list names here because you know who you are and your efforts came from the heart. The food was delicious (special thanks to our Latino and Filipino families), the entertainment was lively, the decorations were lovely and the Knights of Columbus kept our spirits high. Fr. Bernard had a wonderful time and felt our love, as did his family, and that was our goal. It was great to work as a single church, (Sacred Heart and St. Bernard), and to share the joy of our local Catholic Community.


Ordinary Time: What Does It Mean? When Is It?

What does Ordinary Time mean? Why is Ordinary Time called ordinary? Although it might come as a surprise, Ordinary Time is not called "ordinary" based on its level of importance. The origin of the name Ordinary Time comes from the Latin word ordinalis, which means "numbered." Ordinary Time, which occurs between Christmas and Lent then again between Easter and Advent, signifies a numbered (or ordered) list of Sundays that anchor our daily lives in the Catholic Church.

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Sacred Heart Festival August 11th

Please come to the Sacred Heart Festival Sunday, August 11th  from 10AM-6PM. Enjoy tacos, Mexican grilled corn, Mexican shave ice, chicharrones, tamales, burritos,beverages, fruit and desserts. There will be  games and fun for the whole family. This is a church fundraiser,so come,eat delicious food, have fun and support our faith community.

Mass For Shut Ins

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time July 14, 2019

Fr. Jim Korda, celebrant; Ron Puhalla, lector/cantor.


Reader & Extraordinary Minister Schedule for July - September, 2019

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