This Week's Schedule

Fri., May 25

7:00 pm - Rosary at Sacred Heart Church.

Sat., May 26

7:00 pm - Rosary at Sacred Heart Church.

Sun., May 27

9:00 am - English language Mass

12:15 pm - Spanish language Mass  

4:30 pm - English language

7:00 pm - Rosary at Sacred Heart Church.

Mon., May 28

9 am-12 pm/ 1-4 pm - Parish Office Hours

7:00 pm - Rosary at Sacred Heart Church.

Tues., May 29

9 am-12 pm/ 1-4 pm - Parish Office Hour  

7:00 pm - Rosary at Sacred Heart Church.         

Wed.,May 30

9 am-12 pm/ 1-4 pm - Parish Office Hours   

6:00 pm - Rosary at Sacred Heart Church.     

7:00 pm - Spanish language Mass

Thurs., May 31

7:00 pm - Rosary at Sacred Heart Church.

Fri., May 25

7:00 pm - Rosary at Sacred Heart Church.

Sat., June 1

Sun., June 2

9:00 am - English language Mass

12:15 pm - Spanish language Mass  

4:30 pm - English language


Collection Results

1st Collection Total =$1,886        -$1214
*Minimum needed to maintain the parish is $3,100.

Priests’ Welfare & Benefits Collection = $1,173

Please put your parishioner # on your loose checks.

There are two envelopes in your mailing every month that deal with maintenance: The one envelope is for basic maintenance at out facility and is taken up on the 2nd Sunday of the month and the other envelope has no date on it but can be put into the collection anytime for Restoration and Repair which has over $208,000 in a saving account saving to do the main renovations when we get more $$$, from your generosity and from the Big Event on Feb 3rd and future Big Events: for parking lot repair, lighting on the grounds, new bathrooms, kitchen and remodeling of the  Parish Center. 

I want to thank the private donors who have given me money to do things around the rectory totaling over $7,000 this year

Upcoming Second Collections  

In order to make second collection easier all restoration and maintenance collections will be taken up on the 2nd Sundays of the month and all national and international collections will be taken up on the 3rd Sundays of the month. Collections for St Vincent de Paul or the Betty Chin Foundations will always be on the 5th Sundays of the month. The envelopes sent out to those who wish them have these collection envelopes in them. I wish everyone used envelopes as they are reminders to us to give our treasures back to God through our church. We should pray before we put anything into the envelopes as a sign that we have thought, prayed and now give a gift rather than think, “Quick we need to put something in the collection.” The envelopes should remind us to pray more in giving back to God rather than making the collections a business transaction.

Sacred Heart News

The Sacred Heart Office will be closed on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28th

office closed

International Celebration - June 3

The International Celebration is scheduled for Sunday, June 3rd from 10:30 – 3:30 and will take place in the Sacred Shed. There will be cultural music and dancing. A menu of food options include authentic Armenian, Filipino, Italian and Mexican choices as well as hamburgers and hotdogs.  A Dessert Booth and a no-host Bar will be available as well.  Special emphasis this week is on our Silent Auction, twelve great items that anyone can use.  All tickets will be sold at the event, cash or checks only and a good time is promised for everyone. Hope to see you there! For more information, call 443-8429. 

International Celebration

Marian Month of May -
Rosary For Mary

Rosary at Sacred Heart Church every day at 7:00 pm except for Wednesdays at 6 pm.For more information please call Carmen Zaragoza at 496-6750.

Thank You From St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul thanks everyone for their generous response to our last 5th Sunday Collection.  With your support, we will be able to help people meet basic needs throughout the summer.  If you wish to contribute material items, paper goods and plastic utensils can be placed in the Buckland Box in the front of the church.  Thanks again for helping us help others.

Children's Faith Formation

 We are celebrating  First Holy Communion for both the Spanish and the English programs this weekend! Please keep all of these children and their families in your prayers as they celebrate receiving Jesus for the first time. Also, it has been such a nice year of Faith Formation and it will be ending this week with our last class being held on Tuesday. Children, please make sure to come and say goodbye to your teachers and friends you have made, enjoying some treats and fun!

1st Holy Communion Mass for the English program is this Sunday at St. Bernard at 10:30am; all parishioners are welcome, however if you are a regular attendee at this Mass be aware that it may go a bit longer as there will be around 20 children receiving their Sacrament. The Spanish Mass next Sunday, May 27th at 12:15pm is celebrating 1st Holy Communion for 6 children as well; if you are planning on attending this service, it may also be a bit longer to allow for the children to receive their Sacrament. Please keep all of these children in your prayers as they look forward to receiving Jesus for the very first time. 

Happy Memorial Day!

Melanie Broswick #442-6466 ext.1103

Weekly Reflection

May 27, 2018 – The Most Holy Trinity

Enséñanos …All the way from Holy Week to this Sunday’s “Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity” our Masses have been rich in moving images of our faith. Moving, deep, piercing, rewarding.

But more, they have revealed how the Holy Trinity deals with us! Our liturgies represent the ways people on earth could see that there is a Trinity within the one God!

The First Person, God the Father  Passion (Palm) Sunday: The Hebrew people were the first and most ancient testimony that “the Lord is God in the heavens above and on earth below, and that there is no other”

(First Reading).
Moses cried out,
did anything so great ever happen before?
Was it ever heard of?
Did a people ever hear the voice of God
speaking from the midst of fire,
as you did, and live? …
Did any god venture to go and take a nation for himself
from the midst of another nation?
We can ask whether we hear in our faith the voice of the Father from the midst of what can be much worse than fire.

The Second Person, God the Christ
The Spirit came alive within them, pitching its tent in their hearts and souls, coming closer to them and to us than we are to our own selves!
Good Friday: Jesus in the garden asked the Father to release him from the cross. His whole life had been a testimony to the one he addressed with the endearing term, “Abba” (Daddy). And now he pleaded “with loud cries and tears to the one who was able to save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverence” (Hebrews 5:7).

He was heard?
But he died.
Jesus’ request on the cross was indeed heard. He was “saved” from the sting of death by plunging directly into it. Even though his life was sacrificed, he lived from a love that could not be killed.

Easter: An earthly burial could not entrap God’s love. Jesus arose. He appeared to the disciples in Sunday’s Gospel. Their companion was now love’s witness. But they doubted, even as they fell down to worship him. As you and I do, maybe?

The Third Person, God the Spirit
Ascension: Then he left this world. He was going back to the Father, the source of Jesus-love. To allay the disciples’ fears, he recounted with great kindness the course of his life, including especially the following important feature: his presence was to continue here on earth. The disciples were to go out and themselves be Jesus’ dwelling place of God on earth (Gospel).

Pentecost. Just as Jesus had foretold, the Spirit came alive within them, pitching its tent in their hearts and souls, coming closer to them and to us than we can be to our own selves! Our life’s breath is now to be Christ’s life and breath for all ages. The Holy Spirit, which is now marked by the Father and Christ, comes to make us children of God, to be his presence in this world.

Now, if only we will relax and let it be.
Holy Week and Easter show us the face of God, revealed in the loving, earthly interactions that are the Trinity’s. In short, we are to “suffer with him so that we may also be glorified with him” (Second Reading).

The fledgling Church had discovered the Trinity not by studying theology books but by experiencing it.

Let us follow. 

- John Foley, SJ

Found Magazine / Missionary Servants of the Word

The Missionary Servants of the Word (Lay Missionary Sisters) will be promoting their magazine called Found on May 26th and 27th 2018 after Masses. The magazine is enriched with testimonies and articles about our Catholic Faith. Donation is $5.00.

Squires For Christ

Youth group meeting this Sunday at noon in the Sacred Heart Parish Hall for youth between ages ten and eighteen. Parents are (very) welcome!. For questions call Counselor:  Marc Matteoli  498-0862.

Catholic Phone Apps

We have gotten some questions about finding high quality apps that support us in our practice of the Catholic faith. After much research, we are recommending that people visit You can find a link on our parish website was created in response to the call to evangelization from Saint John Paul II, and then continued on through Pope Benedict, and of course the call for deeper evangelization from Pope Francis.

Family Rosary Crusade

The Family Rosary Crusade is a Marian devotion dedicated to the recitation of the Rosary in families. Special veneration is given to Mary with the visit of the statue, from house to house, and from one family to another. We encourage families or individuals to host the pilgrim statue of the Blessed Mother for 1 week (Sat.-Sat.) Please call Dianna or Bernie Cruz (956) 279-0706 with questions or to sign-up as a host.

Patriotic Rosary

Thursday May 24th: 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month at Sacred Heart Church, at 7pm, Join in saying the Patriotic Rosary for our country.


When my son was two and a half I had sent him to clean his room but each time he went in, he got distracted by all the toys and nothing got put away.

Following some principals I had learned at a recent prayer conference I went in and said to him, "Stephen, what did mommy tell you to do?"

"Clean my room"

"And did you clean your room?"

"No." he replied quietly.

I disciplined him and then helped him to pray and confess his error to God and ask Jesus to help him get his room cleaned.  He seemed to respond really well to all of this and I thought, "Wow, this stuff really works."

But Stephen just got down and sat in the middle of the mess, doing nothing. In frustration I asked, "Stephen, what are are you doing?'

He replied, just as frustrated, "I'm waiting for Jesus to come and help me clean my room!"

RCIA Invitation

Anyone wishing to learn more about the Catholic Church is welcome to attend meetings of the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). Also, individuals over 18 who have not received Communion or Confirmation are welcome. If you are interested, please call Pat Thul at 444-8322 or 616-7399 or Cathy at St. Bernard Church 442-6466.

Reader & Extraordinary Minister Schedule for April - June, 2018

You can download a pdf of the schedule by clicking here or by clicking on the link below.

download pdf

Ministry To The Sick

The priest of the parish wants very much to make sure that parishioners who are hospitalized or homebound receive pastoral care. We depend on the families and neighbors of parishioners to notify the rectory office so we can bring you the sacraments. If you would like to receive Communion, a visit from Priest/Deacon or are going into the hospital please call the parish office. For immediate needs ask who is on duty for hospital calls.

Pray For Us

Elsie Berti, Patricia Stoecken, Jeanne Nicolds, Ty, Chris Naylor, Betty Harvin, Winnie Gana, Frank Jager, Jason and Alexis Campbell, Anna Marie Wooten, Susan B, Bill Hansell,and Marguerite Stoecken.

If you are on the mend and wish your name to be removed from our prayer list, please call the parish office and let us know. Names on this list are only included with permission of the individuals. They will remain on the list for one month, and can be repeated by calling the rectory.


Pray for Our Recently Departed…

Rich Kissling, Steve Beckman, Fr. Phillip Ryan, Aldo Bongio, Maria Carmela Costa, Steve Shuck, Diane Shaddix, Fr. Thomas Devereaux

Please let the Rectory know if parishioners or family members pass on so we can hold you up in prayer and offer condolences.


News From Other Parishes

Eel River Valley Holy Ghost Festa

The Portuguese Community of the Eel River Valley will be celebrating their 94th Annual Holy Ghost Festa May 19th and 20th in Ferndale.  Saturday evening, May 19th the Rosary will begin at 5:30pm followed by a linguica and bean dinner at 6:00pm. Dancing will be held at the Ferndale Veteran’s Hall on Main Street, starting at 7:30pm. On Sunday, May 20th the parade will proceed down Main Street beginning at 10:00am with Mass at the Assumption Church beginning at 10:30am.The parade will return to the hall after Mass. A traditional sopa and alcatra dinner will be served at noon and again at 6pm. For more information please call 707-267-2252.

Prolife Rosary

Every Saturday morning at 7:30, at corner of Wilson St. and Walford Ave, Eureka.

Youth Programs, Camping, Retreats and Summer Mission Adventures Await You

The Diocese of Santa Rosa Youth Ministry Office invites you to stay up to date with our programs, prayers and reflections for Youth. Text “SRYOUTH” to 84576. Find us on: Facebook@SRDCYM, info & registration at: and Young Adults (18-40ish) at

Three Monastic Vocation Discernment Experience Opportunities

Discerning a vocation to the monastic life is best done by personal experience and an encounter with the monks behind the cloister. We, at Mount Angel Abbey, open our door to men at least 18 years old and are discerning a vocation to come and join us for a three –day monastic discernment experience. Pray with the monks, join them for meals, tour the monastery, listen to conferences and vocation discernment stories, spend time in quiet prayer, discern your vocation with monks and other retreatants. Choose your date: March 16-18, July 20-22 or Nov. 16-18, 2018. Please contact Fr. Odo Recker, O.S.B. (503) 845-3123. Email:

Lake County 38th Annual Outdoor Passion Play

Saturday and Sunday May 19th and 20th ,2018
4:00 to 6pm in Beautiful Lake County!!!
Visit us at:

Prolife Rosary

A Prolife Rosary is said every Saturday morning at 7:30, at corner of Wilson St. and Walford Ave, Eureka.

Knights of Columbus Meetings

The Knights of Columbus Assembly meetings are held the 4th Thursday of the month at 6pm.

The Knights of Columbus Council meetings are the 1st Tuesday of every month. All meetings are at St. Bernard Parish Hall.

Traditional Latin Mass

Traditional Latin Mass is now offered at St. Mary's Church, Arcata. First Sunday of the month: 6:30am. Other Sundays: 1:30pm. All are welcome to attend!

Please Volunteer at St. Joseph Hospital

You can put your career and life experience skills to good service by joining the St. Joseph Hospital Volunteer family. You can greet the public and answer phones, discharge patience and keep families updated on surgeries in progress, help visitors spend their money in the Gift Shops, Greet patients at Evergreen Lodge and drive the Shuttle between campuses.

Talk with Pat and Bob Thul and Elsie Bertie about their experiences and then call Marilyn Zibilich@ 445-8121

Loving Help For Post Abortion Survivors

Do not continue to live in shame, fear or numbness:  Rachel’s Vineyard heals hearts broken by abortion. Call (707) 967-1101, visit, or email

Worldwide Marriage Encounter


You can make the leap from just “good” to GREAT on a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend—44 hours where married couples can get away from jobs, kids, chores, and phones, and focus only on each other. If you’d like greater depth, growth, and enrichment in your relationship, you’ll like the difference a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend can make! For more information go to or call David & Karen at 650-350-1469.

Catholic Cursillo Movement

Want a Catholic friend?

Come join us. Develop friendships, enjoy singing and fellowship, hear how other Catholics are living their life of holiness and pray as a group before the Blessed Sacrament.  Fellowship gatherings of Catholics are held generally twice a month in Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park.  Catholic Cursillo is a movement within the Catholic Church based on friendship.  We would love to be your friend. 

Join us on:

Wednesday September 6 ,6-8 pm, St. Eugene’s, Santa Rosa
Saturday September 16, 2-4 pm, St. Elizabeth Seton, Rohnert Park

For further information call Debbie Simonson in Petaluma at 904-463-1070 or Priscilla Silvey in Napa at 707-567-7957 or email at

Our website is:

Mass Times


9:00 am - English
12:15 pm - Spanish

4:30 pm - English

First Saturdays: 8:30 am


Tuesday - 11:30 am @ St. Joseph Hospital

Wednesday - 7:00 pm, Spanish

Thursday - 11:30 am @ St. Joseph Hospital

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Wednesday: 6:00-6:50 pm - English/Spanish

First Saturdays: 9-10 am



Wed., 6:00-6:50 pm
First Saturday, 9-10 am
Also by appointment


We ask for a two month notice and baptismal classes are required. Baptismal classes in Spanish are on the last Friday of each month at 7:00 pm. at Sacred Heart and in English on the third Monday of every month at 7:00 pm at St. Bernard Parish for all Eureka churches.


Couples intending to marry need to call the parish office at least six months prior to the marriage. Marriage preparation classes are required.

Ministry to the Sick

If you would like to receive the Anointing of the Sick please call the parish office at 707-443-8429 or come to a mass at St. Joseph Hospital on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11:30 am.

In Case of Emergency

If there is an emergency please phone 707-800-2699.

For non-emergencies after hours but you need to contact a priest phone Sacred Heart  (707) 443-8429 and listen to the automated message on the phone to leave a message in the priest’s mailbox. You may also FAX a message using (707) 443-8420.

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