This Week's Schedule

Friday, Oct. 11

Sat., Oct. 12

Sunday, Oct. 13

9:00 am - English language Mass

12:15 pm - Spanish language Mass

4:30 pm - English language Mass

Mon., Oct. 14

9 am-12 pm/ 1-4 pm - Parish Office Hours

Tues., Oct. 15

9 am-12 pm/ 1-4 pm - Parish Office Hours

Wed., Oct. 16

9 am-12 pm/ 1-4 pm - Parish Office Hours 

7:00 pm - Spanish language Mass  

Thurs., Oct. 17

Fri., Oct. 18

Sat., Oct. 19

Sunday, Oct. 20

9:00 am - English language Mass

12:15 pm - Spanish language Mass

4:30 pm - English language Mass

Collection Results

First Collection Total =$3,153 +$53  Praise God!

MajornRestoration = $1,990

This week’s second collection = Bldg. Maint. & Repair.

Next week’s second collection is for World Missions.

Annual Ministry Appeal Target = $22,693

Pledges: $20,182 

Paid to date: $17,420

Capital Campaign Target = $250,000

Pledges: $89,641  Paid to date: $63,081

Minimum needed to maintain the parish is $3,100.

Please put your parishioner # on your loose checks.

Second Collections  

In order to make second collection easier all restoration and maintenance collections will be taken up on the 2nd Sundays of the month and all national and international collections will be taken up on the 3rd Sundays of the month. Collections for St Vincent de Paul or the Betty Chin Foundations will always be on the 5th Sundays of the month. The envelopes sent out to those who wish them have these collection envelopes in them. I wish everyone used envelopes as they are reminders to us to give our treasures back to God through our church. We should pray before we put anything into the envelopes as a sign that we have thought, prayed and now give a gift rather than think, “Quick we need to put something in the collection.” The envelopes should remind us to pray more in giving back to God rather than making the collections a business transaction.

Sacred Heart News

Our Lady of Fatima Celebration

Saturday,October 12

9:30 am - Rosary Procession followed by Confessions and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at Sacred Heart        

11:00 am - Holy Mass at Sacred Heart        

4:00 pm - Mass For the People at St. Joseph

Mass Cancelled

Due to the upcoming Priest Retreat with Bishop Vasa, the Holy Mass Wed. Oct. 16th at 7pm has been cancelled. Also, there will be no Masses at St. Joseph Church at 7:30am on Tues. Oct. 15th and Thurs. Oct. 17th.   We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Children’s Liturgy Resumes

The Children’s Liturgy at the 9AM Mass will begin on Sunday, October 13th.

"Go and Announce the Good News" 

 Do you know someone already Catholic but  who has not yet received Confirmation or the Eucharist?  They may be thirsting, too!  The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a place to ask questions and seek understanding. Weekly “no strings” inquiry gatherings began on Tuesday, September 24 at 7 p.m. in the back classroom of the church. For more information, please contact Ann Lynch (443-6741) or call the rectory office.

Religious Ed/CCD News

The new Religious Education year has begun! Registration is now closed for this year. We thank all families, who have enrolled their children in this program, for taking the time to meet with Fr. Bernard, Fr. Rowell, Deacon Dance and Kim, and to the many that assisted us in translations! We look forward to seeing you for the first day of instruction this Sunday, Oct 13 at 6:00 pm at St. Bernard Academy. Thank you for placing Christ at the head of your family! Your faith is the most important gift you will ever give your child. Please contact Kim Farrell for more information at 442-2233,

Weekly Reflection

October 13, 2019 – Twenty-Eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time


Sunday’s Scripture narrates two leprosy cures and two reactions to them.

Once, when I presided at a baptism, it was so easy to see the difference between my own old flesh and the soft clean skin of the infant girl who received the sacrament.

What would your reaction be if you were made fresh as a baby, after your skin had been that of a leper? You or I would probably open a website to sell soft-skin!

In the Gospel, Jesus heals ten lepers. He sends them off, saying, “Go show yourselves to the priests.” They do, but on the way they find out that they are already cleansed! And, maybe the point of the scripture is that only one former leper—and it is a Samaritan—has eyes to see what this healing means. Extolling God in a loud voice, this one comes back to Jesus. He drops to the ground giving thanks. The other nine? They must have been glad they had won the sweepstakes and had not thought about who had done the cure.

Jesus offers a soul-cure as well as a bodily one. Too bad those others missed it! Second, in the First Reading, a leper, Naaman—also a Samaritan—is healed by Elisha the prophet. Naaman is told to plunge into the Jordan river seven times. He carries out this strange routine just as instructed. The result?

His flesh became again like the flesh of a little child, and he was clean of his leprosy. Naaman rushed back to Elisha to gave copious thanks. He declared that there was no other god on earth but Israel’s God! He offered a gift in thanksgiving. This was a very healthy and normal reaction: when a person is loved so much, their heart goes out to the giver and, without thinking, their soul wants to give gifts in return.

Strangely, Elisha refused the gift. We are not given an explicit reason, but probably he did not want earthly rewards for doing God’s work. In response to the refusal, Naaman the leper made a dramatic pronouncement.

If you will not accept, please let me, your servant, have two mule-loads of earth, for I will no longer offer holocaust or sacrifice
to any other god except to the Lord. Mules and all, he will use Israeli earth to show his gratitude. It will be a sacrifice to the God of Israel, the God you and I worship.

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola are based on this same response of gratitude. Especially in an exercise called the “Contemplation to Obtain God’s love,” people on retreat realize (over time) how deeply they are being loved. Their great desire is to give back to the one doing the loving, to give in return.

Notice that this implies an adult relationship, not a child’s.

An infant is filled with need after need and tells you all about them. The nine cured lepers who did not say thanks might have been like that. But as maturity grows in a person he or she wants to give back instead of only receiving.

Yes, even to give back to God. God has been seeking a mutual love relationship with each of us from the beginning of our lives. Have you ever sensed this? Have you felt gratitude? Have you ever taken time out to return love?

Could you take some time out this week?

- John Foley, SJ

Holy Land Experience With Fr. Bernard

You are invited to join Fr. Bernard on a 12 day pilgrimage to the Holy Land, March 9-21, 2020. There is limited seating and the price is $3,795 per person, double occupancy(*$775 extra per single room). This includes: round trip airfare, including all airlines taxes/fuel surcharge, deluxe hotel accommodations,all  hotel taxes and portages, 2 meals daily (Breakfast and Dinner), land transportation, comprehensive sightseeing with a bi-lingual licensed Christian Guide,and all entrance fees as per itinerary. Please look in the church entries for detailed color brochures. Contact Holy Land Tours and Travel 1(800)-655-8644 Email: and Web: www.holylandtoursand Register on the web,online or at the church office today.


A friend was in front of me coming out of church one day, and the preacher was standing at the door as he always is to shake hands. He grabbed my friend by the hand and pulled him aside.

The Pastor said to him, “You need to join the Army of the Lord!” 

My friend replied, “I’m already in the Army of the Lord, Pastor.” 

Pastor questioned, “How come I don’t see you except at Christmas and Easter?” 

He whispered back, “I’m in the secret service.”

Reader & Extraordinary Minister Schedule for July - September, 2019

You can download a pdf of the schedule by clicking here or by clicking on the link below.

download pdf

Ministry To The Sick

The priest of the parish wants very much to make sure that parishioners who are hospitalized or homebound receive pastoral care. We depend on the families and neighbors of parishioners to notify the rectory office so we can bring you the sacraments. If you would like to receive Communion, a visit from Priest/Deacon or are going into the hospital please call the parish office. For immediate needs ask who is on duty for hospital calls.

“For I was sick and you visited Me” 

If you are aware of someone from our parish who is unable to attend Mass due to illness or debility, and who would welcome receiving the Eucharist in their home,  please contact the parish office or Ann Lynch (443-6741) to arrange for a Eucharistic minister to visit.  If you would like to join us in this ministry, we would love to hear from you as well!  Thank you so much!                                                              

Pray For Us

Tom and Linda Marlow, Mojica Milez, Alice Sallmen, RoseAnn Hurst, John Talbot, Thanh Strehlow, Daniel Furse, Mary Hunter, Alise Furse, Lois Pribble, Elizabeth Martin, Don Butler, James Iron Shell,  Paula Millinet, Gerry and Brenda Zwiefelhofer,  Lee Berning, Gary and Diane Chandler, Art Rush, Chris Naylor, Aguilar Family: Filipina, Marivic, & Stiivi, & Julieta, Susan B., Patricia Stoecken,  Betty Harvin, Anna Marie Wooten, Marguerite Stoecken and Diane.

If you are on the mend and wish your name to be removed from our prayer list, please call the parish office and let us know. Names on this list are only included with permission of the individuals. They will remain on the list for one month, and can be repeated by calling the rectory.


Pray for Our Recently Departed…

+Lynn Lawrence,.+Allen Nylander, +Leslie Tully + Gino Zarucchi, +Bob Beland, +Ann Corder, +Rich Kissling, +Catarino Esparza Tiscareño,+Jose Luis Rubio Rodriguez, +Ken Vaughan, +Ana Bonale, +Frank Aguilar, +Mel Berning, +Pat Jaramillo, and +Jesus del Rio Arias

Please let the Rectory know if parishioners or family members pass on so we can hold you up in prayer and offer condolences.

Important Message Regarding Requirements for Baptism

Parents seeking baptism for children must be registered members of Sacred Heart or Saint Bernard parish.  Parents seeking baptism from out of the area must provide a letter of registration from their parish, and letter of permission from the pastor of that parish to baptize the child outside of the parish. Each Child must have at least one Godparent.  Both parents & godparents must attend a baptismal preparation class or provide a certificate of proof from another parish that preparation has been done.  Godparent/s must be baptized and confirmed practicing Catholic/s,16 years or older and not be bound by any canonical penalty.

News From Other Parishes

St. Bernard Oktoberfest Oct. 19

St. Bernard Oktoberfest October 19th At 5pm. The Oktoberfest put on by the Knights of Columbus will be Saturday, Oct. 19th in the Pinocchi Rm. Come eat delicious Geman food, listen to music and enjoy the raffles and entertainment. Doors open 5pm Food at 6pm

Ferndale Bazaar on Oct. 18 & 19

The 79th Annual Assumption Parish Bazaar will be on Friday & Saturday, October 18 & 19 at the Ferndale Portugese Hall on Ocean Avenue beginning at 7 pm.

  • Silent Auction
  • Raffles
  • Fish Pond
  • Country Store
  • Cakes
  • Dime Booth
  • Fancy Work
  • Bingo
  • 50/50
  • Jackpot

Scripture Lecture Series

Scripture Lecture Series - The Book of Revelation, Sundays, Oct.13-Dec . 8 11:45-1:00pm at the Pinocchi Room at St. Bernard Parish. Study guide and coffee provided. Please bring your own cup. Bringing treats is encouraged.

Sacred Art Paint Party

You are invited to paint an original image of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton with the beloved Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa. No experience is necessary. Artist, Monika Barrack, will teach you, step by step, how to paint this devotional work of art.Date: November 9, 2019 Time: 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.  Place: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church.  4595 Snyder Lane, Rohnert Park, CA  94928 Cost: $50.00, includes all supplies. Refreshments will be available to purchase.  Proceeds benefit the Marian Sisters. and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Youth Faith Formation.  RSVP: Jennifer Bedoka 707 585-3708 or 707 888-9672, email:        

Squires of Christ

St. Bernard and Sacred Heart have started a new Youth Group called  "Squires of Christ" (open to anyone ages 10 18.) Contact: Marc Matteoli #498-0862


At your request, we have decided to extend our Advent adoration indefinitely on Wednesdays from 3:30-8:30pm. Please stop by St. Joseph’s Church and spend a few minutes or even an hour with the Lord. If you are interested in helping with this ministry, please contact Deacon Dance at 442-2233

Fortuna First Friday Vigil Mass

Please note a First Friday Vigil Mass will be offered at St. Joseph Church in Fortuna at 8:30pm on the first Friday of the month. It will begin with the Holy Rosary and be followed by confessions, Holy Mass and adoration. You can visit Fr. Eddie!

Immigration Services Offered

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Santa Rosa is offering through their Immigration Program the provisional waiver service by an immigration attorney (pardon to spouses, parents, and children with exceptions) for a more affordable cost than private law immigration firms. Additionally, we offer the initial application for FREE. For further information, contact us at 707-578-6000.

El Programa de Inmigración de Caridades Católicas de la Diócesis de Santa Rosa ya está ofreciendo el servicio de perdones de inmigración realizado por un abogado de inmigración (perdones para esposos, padres, e hijos, con excepciones) a un costo mucho más
bajo que las oficinas privadas de abogados de inmigración. Además ofrecemos el servicio de la aplicación inicial GRATIS. Para obtener mayor información, comuníquese al 707-578-6000

Prolife Rosary

A Prolife Rosary is said every Saturday morning at 7:30, at corner of Wilson St. and Walford Ave, Eureka.

Knights of Columbus Meetings

The Knights of Columbus Assembly meetings are held the 4th Thursday of the month at 6pm.

The Knights of Columbus Council meetings are the 1st Tuesday of every month. All meetings are at St. Bernard Parish Hall..

Please Volunteer at St. Joseph Hospital

You can put your career and life experience skills to good service by joining the St. Joseph Hospital Volunteer family. You can greet the public and answer phones, discharge patience and keep families updated on surgeries in progress, help visitors spend their money in the Gift Shops, Greet patients at Evergreen Lodge and drive the Shuttle between campuses.

Talk with Pat and Bob Thul and Elsie Bertie about their experiences and then call Marilyn Zibilich@ 445-8121

Catholic Phone Apps

We have gotten some questions about finding high quality apps that support us in our practice of the Catholic faith. After much research, we are recommending that people visit You can find a link on our parish website was created in response to the call to evangelization from Saint John Paul II, and then continued on through Pope Benedict, and of course the call for deeper evangelization from Pope Francis.

KIHH Immaculate Heart Radio 1400 AM

Immaculate Heart Media broadcasting as Relevant Radio® assists the Church in the New Evangelization by providing relevant programming through media platforms to help people bridge the gap between faith and everyday life.

We believe that Jesus Christ can transform people’s lives, and that media has the power to deliver this message of hope in powerful and transformative ways.

We exist to bring the beauty, goodness and truth of the Catholic Faith into the everyday lives of people who seek it, whenever and wherever they are.

Relevant Radio® has been helping people bridge the gap between faith and everyday life through informative, entertaining, and interactive programming twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. The Relevant Radio network is currently serving the Church with 127 stations reaching 39 states, with a potential listening audience of 133 million people. Programming can be heard worldwide via streaming audio at and on the mobile app or with an Alexa supported device.

Relevant Radio

Worldwide Marriage Encounter


You can make the leap from just “good” to GREAT on a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend—44 hours where married couples can get away from jobs, kids, chores, and phones, and focus only on each other. If you’d like greater depth, growth, and enrichment in your relationship, you’ll like the difference a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend can make! For more information go to or call David & Karen at 650-350-1469.

Catholic Cursillo Movement

Want a Catholic friend?

Come join us. Develop friendships, enjoy singing and fellowship, hear how other Catholics are living their life of holiness and pray as a group before the Blessed Sacrament.  Fellowship gatherings of Catholics are held generally twice a month in Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park.  Catholic Cursillo is a movement within the Catholic Church based on friendship.  We would love to be your friend. 

For further information call Debbie Simonson in Petaluma at 904-463-1070 or Priscilla Silvey in Napa at 707-567-7957 or email at

Our website is:

Mass Times


9:00 am - English
12:15 pm - Spanish

4:30 pm - English

First Saturdays: 8:30 am


Tuesday - 11:30 am @ St. Joseph Hospital

Wednesday - 7:00 pm, Spanish

Thursday - 11:30 am @ St. Joseph Hospital

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Wednesday: 6:00-6:50 pm - English/Spanish

First Saturdays: 9-10 am

Click here to find Mass times at a church near you.



Wed., 6:00-6:50 pm
First Saturday, 9-10 am
Also by appointment


We ask for a two month notice and baptismal classes are required. Baptismal classes in Spanish are on the last Friday of each month at 7:00 pm. at Sacred Heart and in English on the third Monday of every month at 7:00 pm at St. Bernard Parish for all Eureka churches.


Couples intending to marry need to call the parish office at least six months prior to the marriage. Marriage preparation classes are required.

Ministry to the Sick

If you would like to receive the Anointing of the Sick please call the parish office at 707-443-8429 or come to a mass at St. Joseph Hospital on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11:30 am.

In Case of Emergency

If there is an emergency please phone 707-800-2699.

For non-emergencies after hours but you need to contact a priest phone Sacred Heart  (707) 443-8429 and listen to the automated message on the phone to leave a message in the priest’s mailbox. You may also FAX a message using (707) 443-8420.

Get in Touch

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