This Week's Schedule

Saturday, June 24

Sunday, June 25

9:00 am - English language Mass

12:15 pm - Spanish language Mass  

6:00 pm - English language Mass

7 p.m. Stuffed Potato Dinner Parish Center for 6 pm. Mass Attendees

Mon., June 26

9 am-12 pm/ 1-4 pm - Parish Office Hours

Tues., June 27

9 am-12 pm/ 1-4 pm - Parish Office Hours

Wed.,June 28

Office Closed

Thursday, June 29

Office Closed

7:00 pm - RCIA@ SH Rectory

Friday, June 30

7pm Parish Festival planning meeting (Room 8 )

Saturday, July 1

Sunday, July 2

9:00 am - English language Mass

12:15 pm - Spanish language Mass  

6:00 pm - English language Mass

Collection Results

1st Collection Total = $1,905                            

Priest Retirement and Benefits = $1,106

Please put your parishioner # on your loose checks.

There are two envelopes in your mailing every month that deal with maintenance: The one envelope is for basic maintenance at out facility and is taken up on the 2nd Sunday of the month and the other envelope has no date on it but can be put into the collection anytime for Restoration and Repair which has over $208,000 in a saving account saving to do the main renovations when we get more $$$, from your generosity and from the Big Event on Feb 3rd and future Big Events: for parking lot repair, lighting on the grounds, new bathrooms, kitchen and remodeling of the  Parish Center. 

I want to thank the private donors who have given me money to do things around the rectory totaling over $7,000 this year

Upcoming Second Collections  

In order to make second collection easier all restoration and maintenance collections will be taken up on the 2nd Sundays of the month and all national and international collections will be taken up on the 3rd Sundays of the month. Collections for St Vincent de Paul or the Betty Chin Foundations will always be on the 5th Sundays of the month. The envelopes sent out to those who wish them have these collection envelopes in them. I wish everyone used envelopes as they are reminders to us to give our treasures back to God through our church. We should pray before we put anything into the envelopes as a sign that we have thought, prayed and now give a gift rather than think, “Quick we need to put something in the collection.” The envelopes should remind us to pray more in giving back to God rather than making the collections a business transaction.

Sacred Heart News

Pastor’s Corner

Coming August 1, Fr. Bernard D’Sa SFX, Administrator of Sacred Heart and St. Bernard Parishes. Fr. Bernard comes to us from Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish in Clearlake. The pronunciation of Bernard is Ber nard  and not as we pronounce our church as Ber nerd. He is in his late 40’s and was born in Goa, a former Portuguese province, and now a state in India. His English is very clear and he has been learning Spanish. He is the youngest of three children and his mother was a great inspiration for him becoming a priest (23 years)  After his name he has SFX, the abbreviation of his religious order as he is a Missionary of St. Francis Xavier. He came to the United States about 10 years ago and has taken time from his order to see what parish life is like.  His background is in school administration and education and taught for a short time at Cardinal Newman High School in Santa Rosa. He is a very genuine priest and very gentle. The parishes will be blessed to have him. He will be the administrator and not the pastor as he is not incardinated in the diocese but as the administrator has all the authority of a pastor.

I would like someone to volunteer from each parish to prepare a welcome for him separately or as one catholic Community.  Welcoming Fr. Bernard is so much more important than having a “Goodbye” for me.

There are a lot of things I need to do not just in one parish but in the two parishes as this move caught me off guard a bit as I explained last week in the bulletin. I was hoping to hold out another year with my neck problem but….Next week I am going to put out a wish list of areas of church life where we need to volunteer especially in the spirituality of the church and liturgy.

The parish financially needs to do fundraising this summer here at Sacred Heart as the Sunday stewardship collection goes below $2,000 a week at least once a month.  For the last few years the Hispanic Community has spearheaded a fundraiser in the summer to help the parish out. There is a meeting this Friday for all interested parishioners at 7pm in Rm 8 who are interested in helping out.

Today, this Sunday, there is a Baked Stuffed Potato Dinner for all who go to the 6 p.m. mass and to welcome our youth from the diocese ministering here in Eureka this week.     

-  Fr. Tom 

Car Wash

The Squires are having their annual car wash on SATURDAY JUNE 24TH. The price is the same as last year (and the years before!) $5.00 for cars and $7.00 for trucks and vans.  Tickets will be available at Masses. Please support our boys youth group by buying a car wash ticket and getting a very clean car out of the deal!

Adult Faith Formation/RCIA 

Anyone interested in the Catholic faith and needs the sacraments of Baptism, Holy Eucharist, and or Confirmation is asked to call Pat Thul 616-7399 or Dianne Luzzi 442-8812. 

Vacation Bible School

All Families of children grades  K-5 of Sacred Heart and St. Bernard Parishes: Please set aside JULY 10-13, 2017 for our 1st ever Vacation Bible School! Continue to watch the bulletins for more information to come.

Peace in Christ, Melanie Broswick, DRE of St. Bernard / Sacred Heart Parishes. (707) 442-6466 Ext. 1104

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time - June 25, 2017

Death The Gospel reading this week is focused on death. In the Gospel Reading, Jesus tells his apostles not to be afraid of those who can kill you. They are not to be feared, because death itself is not to be feared.

No doubt, there is always something sorrowful about dying, because the death of the body separates the dying person from his family and his friends; and they still have to slog through their lives in this world without their companion. But Jesus is telling people not to fear facing death.

If you were walking alone down a dark street late at night, and you saw a small knot of strangers gathered menacingly at a corner, wouldn’t you be afraid? Shouldn’t you be afraid? If the cancer doctor tells you that you have only months to live, wouldn’t you—shouldn’t you—be afraid? How can Jesus tell us—actually, command us—not to be afraid of death?

Well, think about it this way. If you are surprised when you discover that you are dying, you just haven’t been paying attention. None of us is getting out of this alive. Every one of us will die. It is just a question of when. Or maybe better: it is just a question of how.      

Here is how it will be if you love the Lord. In dying, you will move through the veil that separates you, in this world of sorrow and suffering, from the Lord’s own presence. There, on the other side, you will find all tears wiped away—the ones you wept before and the ones that are now stuck in your heart—by the tenderness of your creator. You will think you must be dreaming, because the beauty and the goodness of that world surpass your every want or need, and you yourself will be what you never imagined you could be. Surrounded by beauty and goodness, bathed in the love of the Lord, you will join the angels in singing for joy at what the Lord is done.

Are you afraid now? Is this scary to you? What is worth fearing is losing all of this beauty and goodness on the other side of death because you will not surrender to the love of the Lord who calls you to himself. But that death comes from sin, as the Second Reading says, and no one can force sin on you. If you wall yourself off from the love of the Lord, you kill your soul yourself. That is definitely worth fearing, as the Lord says.

Eleonore Stump

Question: How many times has Jesus told you in life not to fear?

Boy Scout Troop # 54

sponsored/chartered by the Knights of Columbus our moving their home base to the little house on the Sacred Heart grounds. They will have more space with using the Sacred Shed and the field at times. We welcome them and they will be doing s membership drive for the boys in the parish soon.


A young priest was giving a lesson on the 23rd Psalm to the children in third grade.  He noticed that little Jimmy seemed upset with the verse, “Surely, goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life.”

So the priest asked him, “What’s wrong, Jimmy?”

Little Jimmy replied, “Well, I’m not too worried about the goodness and mercy part, but I’m not so sure that I would like Shirley following me around all the time.”

Ministry To The Sick

The priest of the parish wants very much to make sure that parishioners who are hospitalized or homebound receive pastoral care. We depend on the families and neighbors of parishioners to notify the rectory office so we can bring you the sacraments. If you would like to receive Communion, a visit from Priest/Deacon or are going into the hospital please call the parish office. For immediate needs ask who is on duty for hospital calls.

Pray For Us

Jeff Simovich, Matilde Vega,  Reynold Haas, Lynn Agajanian, Jeff Smith, Jeanne Nicolds, Cathea, Nicolas Deleon, Jim, Anne, & Joe, Jamie Smith, Jeremy, Daniel Brownlee, Tina Rose, Erica Mills, Jeremy, Amanda, Mary, Terry & Mike, Patrick Young, Clara Carreon, Betty Harvin, Jack Macy and Marguerite Stoecken

If you are on the mend and wish your name to be removed from our prayer list, please call the parish office and let us know. Names on this list are only included with permission of the individuals. They will remain on the list for one month, and can be repeated by calling the rectory.


Pray for Our Recently Departed…

Barbara Papstein and keep her family in your prayers

Please let the Rectory know if parishioners or family members pass on so we can hold you up in prayer and offer condolences

Baptismal & Godparent Preparation Class for Both Parishes

Every 3rd Monday of the month at 7pm there will be baptismal preparation classes (English) upstairs in the St. Bernard Parish Hall building. Please call Deacon Frank Weber at 442-5615.

Knights of Columbus Invitation

If you’re interested in serving your parish, supporting your priests, growing in your faith or helping your community, as well as having an exclusive access to top-rated insurance protection for your family, then the brotherhood of the Knights of Columbus is the organization for you. Please consider joining us. For more information contact Jeff Tipton at (916) 832-0571 or Frank Giacomini at (707) 599-6843 and/or visit

News From Other Parishes

Women Dominican Discernment Days

Praising unceasingly.  Blessing by intercession.  Preaching through a life of contemplation.  Single, Catholic women between the ages of 18 and 38 are invited to experience a taste of the life of a cloistered Dominican nun.  Contact Sister Joseph Marie, O.P., vocation directress, at, or visit our website at to learn more and to register for one of our upcoming Come and See Days: Saturday July 15, 2017; Saturday, October 21, 2017; and Saturday January 13, 2018.  The event is free and all meals will be provided. Space is limited and fills fast!

Please Volunteer at St. Joseph Hospital

You can put your career and life experience skills to good service by joining the St. Joseph Hospital Volunteer family. You can greet the public and answer phones, discharge patience and keep families updated on surgeries in progress, help visitors spend their money in the Gift Shops, Greet patients at Evergreen Lodge and drive the Shuttle between campuses.

Talk with Pat and Bob Thul and Elsie Bertie about their experiences and then call Marilyn Zibilich@ 445-8121

Worldwide Marriage Encounter


You can make the leap from just “good” to GREAT on a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend—44 hours where married couples can get away from jobs, kids, chores, and phones, and focus only on each other. If you’d like greater depth, growth, and enrichment in your relationship, you’ll like the difference a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend can make! For more information go to or call David & Karen at 650-350-1469.

Mass Times


9:00 am - English
12:15 pm - Spanish

6:00 pm - English

First Saturdays: 8:30 am


Tuesday - 11:30 am @ St. Joseph Hospital

Wednesday - 7:00 pm, Spanish

Thursday - 11:30 am @ St. Joseph Hospital

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Wednesday: 6:00-6:50 pm - English/Spanish

First Saturdays: 9-10 am



Wed., 6:00-6:50 pm
First Saturday, 9-10 am
Also by appointment


We ask for a two month notice and baptismal classes are required. Baptismal classes in Spanish are on the last Friday of each month at 7:00 pm. at Sacred Heart 707-442-4540, and in English on the third Monday of every month at 7:00 pm at St. Bernard Parish for all Eureka churches 707-442-5615.


Couples intending to marry need to call the parish office at least six months prior to the marriage. Marriage preparation classes are required.

Ministry to the Sick

If you would like to receive the Anointing of the Sick please call the parish office at 707-443-8429 or come to a mass at St. Joseph Hospital on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11:30 am.

In Case of Emergency

If there is an emergency plese phone St. Bernards at 707-442-6466.

For non-emergencies after hours but you need to contact a priest phone Sacred Heart  (707) 443-8429 and listen to the automated message on the phone to leave a message in the priest’s mailbox. You may also FAX a message using (707) 443-8420.

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